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I worked for a large Northern Ireland company for some 33 years and prior to my retirement I was invited to attend a Retirement Seminar given by Ralph McGuicken.  During Ralph’s presentation, which included personnel from DHSS, Medical Services and HMRC, it became clear to everyone attending that retirement was a rather complex operation – it was a minefield and needed both technical and professional expertise to get through. 

At the end of each seminar Ralph indicated that he would help with a free initial consultation.

A few days later at a meeting with the Company Pension Representatives 2 issues were raised:

Final Salary Scheme (how did I want my Tax Free Lump Sum and remaining pension set up) and


I arranged to meet with Ralph who advised us, rightly, that because of HMRC we should look at all of our assets including pensions, savings, Building Society accounts, land and property.  We agreed that Ralph should set up a financial package to cover areas.

It gives me GREAT PLEASURE to put in writing that 13 YEARS LATER Bloomfield Corporate Consultancy Ltd is still responsible for all of our financial affairs and have done a remarkable job over this time.

Ralph is down to earth, everything is explained to us in a manner that we could both understand, ie, in layman terms.  Ralph is not only both friendly and personable, we consider him not only as our Financial Adviser but a very good friend who we can trust.

Mr J. G. - Belfast, January 2018

Bloomfield Corporate Consultancy Ltd has been looking after my own and other family members’ investments for a number of years.  I have been impressed with the way we have been treated.  On all occasions when we have been seeking advice we have received prompt and easily understood recommendations accompanied with the rationale behind them. 

I originally dealt with Ralph as I was looking for a safe and stable home for my investment funds.  I was very impressed by both the team that I met in the office and also the Clever Adviser Investment System, to which I believe he is the only adviser in Belfast to have access to this.  Ralph’s advice is always kept simple and very easy to understand.

Mr D. S. – Templepatrick, January 2018

Ralph was recommended by a friend and he initially helped me reorganize my existing plans that were not being very well managed. He explained everything and backed that up with written reports so we had time to read and understand the whole thing. From sorting out my pension to life assurance and latterly estate planning I feel I have had a comprehensive service that has met my needs perfectly. I now understand what I am investing in and have sound plans in place for me, my family and my business. Ralph has spent time to listen to what I am trying to achieve and has helped me make good decisions. Excellent service and an excellent job – many thanks!

Mr A.D. – Belfast, January 2018

Ralph took over from a former financial adviser who had advised us to use high risk unregulated investments. He has helped us recoup a large proportion of the losses and we are back on track with our investments. Ralph helped us sort out our investment plans and also saved us substantial tax liabilities by setting our inheritance planning in place using trusts for our children. He has given us an honest assessment of our financial needs and explained the risks of investments without being pushy and also spending time to explain things. He is quick and efficient in dealing with our affairs and has made many personal calls to our home to accommodate us as we run a very busy engineering firm. We have always found Ralph very pleasant in all aspect of our business dealings – he has good knowledge of what is going on in the markets – he is an excellent financial adviser!

Mr & Mrs S. – Garvagh, January 2018

I met with Ralph as I was negotiating the terms of my divorce settlement and required advice on how I might invest my capital tax efficiently and to provide financial security in retirement. Ralph was introduced to me by a close family member and he came highly recommended.  The service I received surpassed my expectations as Ralph also provided advice on estate planning and helped me with all aspect of my financial plans. Furthermore he coordinates with my other advisers to ensure all decision making is effective. During a consultation, Ralph always presents me with a range of solutions and we discuss the options before agreeing next steps. Bloomfield Corporate are professional, and their fees are lean and fair for the service they provide. Ralph has been patient and respectful in his advice taking the time to explain complex issues to me in simple terms so I can make the best informed decision.

Ralph and his team constantly keep me updated with monthly reviews so I know they are always looking after my best interests. He took the time to understand my financial situation as well as getting to know me at a personal level so he could manage and advise me in a way that I would understand easily. Ralph's approach is a solution based advisory process offering me multiple options which we'd discuss fully and then deciding which one best fulfils my objectives.  Ralph and I meet up regularly face to face for a review and he prepares a comprehensive report showing me the long term forecasting based on prudent assumptions.  I also receive monthly alerts reviewing my investments demonstrating that Bloomfield Corporate is optimising the performance of my portfolio. I always feel that I can contact Ralph and that his discrete and confidential nature means that I can be very open and honest with him. I am delighted with the quality of service I receive and my investments are performing very well under his management.

Mrs H.F. – Wiltshire, January 2018